Frequently Asked Questions

What type of guns will you buy?

We buy all types of new or used firearms but we prefer firearms in good working condition. is also able to purchase NFA firearms.

How do you determine the value of my firearm?

There are a many factors that make up the value of a firearm including age, condition, and overall market in the industry. These are the main criteria we use to determine firearm value.

How quickly will I get paid?

Once your gun is received our staff will inspect it for condition and functionality; upon inspection approval, your payment will be sent. All payments are sent within 2 business days of approved inspections.

How do I know you are a legitimate business and properly licensed?

We encourage all our perspective customers to research a division for, LLC DBA Guns Inc. before they use us! You can never be too safe when selling a firearm. Here are some places you can refer to if you want to research us further.

We are a registered business with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State under our parent company name of, LLC and DBA Guns Inc. We have an active business license with the State of Pennsylvania and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania where we operate. We use “” to facilitate the purchase firearms for, LLC DBA Guns Inc located in Potttstown, Pennsylvania. We invite you to call Montgomery County business license department (610-278-3000) to verify this. We maintain an active Federal Firearms License (FFL) under, LLC, “Guns Inc.” and we maintain an active Special Tax Stamp (SOT) under, LLC, “Guns Inc.” which allows us to be an NFA/Class III Firearms Dealer. You can verify our FFL license number (#8-23-XXX-XX-XX-05440) with the United State Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) using their FFL EZ Check System.

Can I sell someone else's firearm? a division of, LLC intends to only purchase from rightful owners of the firearm, and/or as part of their personal property – NO EXCEPTIONS.

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

You will be able to complete this transaction entirely online. You only need to fill out the completed form describing your gun here. You will then receive an offer via email, which you can accept or decline. Once accepted, we will also ask you to submit a copy of your driver’s license so we can verify your identity.

Do I need to pass a background check to sell a firearm?

No, however Terms and Conditions mandate that the seller is the rightful owner, and able to legally possess firearms. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details.

How long is an offer good for?

All offers made by a division of, LLC are valid for 10 business days from the date received.

How do I ship my firearm to you?

We will send you a prepaid shipping label, and specific shipping instructions for safely securing your firearm and legally shipping it to us. We’ll guide you through the entire process to help ensure that you are doing the safely and legally.

Do I have to use the provided shipping label and shipping vendor?

Yes. Any deviation from these instructions is strictly forbidden, and is potentially unlawful.

Do I have to pay any fee or taxes?


Where can I find my firearm serial number?

Firearm serial numbers are located on the frame or receiver.

What if I can't read the serial number? a division of, LLC will only purchase firearms with a legible serial number, and in compliance with all BATFE, federal, state and local laws and regulations.

How do I take pictures of my firearm?

Any digital camera, however phone camera photos are usually acceptable and usually the the easiest way. Upload images as a saved file on the Firearm Submission Form. We need images that show blemishes, scratches, dings, as well as overall quality of the firearm.

What happens if my firearm doesn't pass the inspection?

If the overall condition varies greatly from the seller’s description and/or sent images, if a different gun is sent from what was entered on the original form, or if the firearm was shipped to in a way other than specifically instructed, the offer will be null and void and seller will be responsible for a return shipping and handling fee of $50. a division of, LLC reserves the right to deny any purchase.

Why is a division of, LLC buying used guns? a division of, LLC is acquiring quality used firearms for our own inventory.

How can I contact

One of our Appraisers, Gunsmiths, Engineers or Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you. You can contact them via email  at and they will get back to you promptly.

Is my personal information safe with

Yes. Your personal data is protected and will never share your information.

Where is a division of, LLC located?

Pottstown, Pennsylvania